Project Manager Assistant

Development Assistant

As part of the preparation of an experimental project - code name Ark Tribe & KOF which aims to apply Ark's blockchain technology to video games - Ark Tribe seeks assistance to help write the Whitepaper of this project. Ark Tribe would like to consider someone with a software development background. This person, via email and Discord, would identify all aspects of the project to reformulate them in terms of development.

This assistant will formulate the project as the Project Manager imagines it while bringing proposals to establish a relevant and consistent specifications paper.  C# is our preferred programming language,  but we remain open to any other language. This first phase will require approximately 30 hours of work (note taking, writing, corrections, and finalization).

Since this project is about fledgling new technology and part of a community-oriented approach, it is clear that the person who will have done this work will naturally be associated with the eventual ICO and subsequent development work. 

Jump in the action people! Follow us and become a pioneer of the gaming side of Ark's blockchain ecosystem!