Hello everyone!

So, we're asked a lot of things about Ark Tribe recently, and we wanted to address the most frequently asked questions that are addressed to me about it.

Do you have a presentation with information?

You will find a presentation in Google Docs here. Commenting is enabled, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to leave a comment, so that we can improve the project as much as possible. As for our prototype, while it's not in our internal document, we share a rough outline of it here. Comments are enabled there as well, and we gladly accept constructive criticisms/recommendations. We'll answer your questions as best we can.

Why isn't your code public yet? (Not frequently asked, but important)

I insist that we will release the code as open-source, BUT:

There's a ton of reasons for not making it public yet, and after deliberation with the team, we think that the best answer (the one that is majorly our concern, and our main reason) is that we don't feel comfortable with the code as it is now. First of all, we have code bits and bouts of the parts we need, and it's not yet put together. Then there's the fact that we haven't scrutinized the code enough to verify that it has been cleared from the details that we used for the conceptualization phase.

When we are finished with something that can be good (should be mid-September if everything goes well) we are going to release things. We'll release the payment app, the game itself, and once we're sure everything is okay, we'll release the Unity package. This is both for preventing users from being angry because they used the code while it wasn't ready, and those who are just proactively seeking to berate or troll us for our current state or work. The less time in polemics, the more time to work on the project.

What's with the format of game you have chosen?

The genre we have chosen, RPG Novel, is especially suited to showcase all the main functionalities of a game running in the MEEM (see the presentation above) environment, can be completed in a very short timeframe, for a small budget (total budget will be around €50000 - €80000) and for which I had all the contacts and competence around.

Our team is very small, and most of our work is volunteer. We're waiting to be a company to pay ourselves for all that time fully, transparently, and legally. If you are willing to join us, feel free to come to our Discord and drop me a word about what you would like to do. We welcome programmers and illustrators at this time.

Where does the project stand in terms of progress?

The story is 100% written; see it here.  It's in its editing phase, and we are making very heavy changes to it per recommendation of the alpha readers that I hired to review it. Since we are going for an RPG Novel, we need to make sure we remove plot holes and such. Once it's finished editing, the beta and then delta readers will be invited to take a look.

The code is comprised of bits and bouts around; we've first had to do a port of the two libraries that Ark Ecosystem offers, since their .NET version is for all platforms. However, our own bots (NPC, financials, etc...) didn't support this feature (and don't need to since they won't ever run on a Linux server as they will be bots deployed in Azure).

The Reseller App is being designed as we get the lawyer's input on what's legal or not, and he gets that from several justice instances, and coworkers, so this is a slow process over which we have no real grip. It's also why we haven't progressed yet on the blockchain part of our game. We are both waiting to finalize the legal details, so that we open the way after for other projects that wants to build on Ark, and for Ark V2's Ark Commander.

Thanks to Fixscrypt's work around our govermnment, and the French's current view on crypto, we are getting favorable answers from administrators too. My deputy will be in my town soon, I will see him then for an informal meeting about the project. We'll raise local attention to gather public funds for the soon-to-be company.

We have found a bank that's agreeing to work with Ark Tribe also, since we have, for the moment, much more institutional and public investors interested in us than we have crypto. We expect, and the bank agreed, that if we keep a balanced ratio, we won't face troubles with the accountant we have selected either.

This should have been a fast project, but several issues came to hinder us. The API's .Net version (we caught with that now), our main writer having the Writer's block, forcing us to switch story (we caught up for that), hiring one more programmer, and someone for the website at [www.arktribe.net](https://www.arktribe.net). The website still isn't really ready because we're working on a live prototype for the investors and players to test what Ark Tribe has to offer.

Steam asks us an ITIN and the American administration is taking its sweet time to give it (2 months or so left for now). We are going to sit on 30% of our revenues until we have that ITIN number. Speaking of which, making a game that's fully compliant with Steam's TOS & has a blockchain at is very core, plus can be brought with crypto wasn't exactly as smooth as it should have been.

I'm spending around €5000 on this project per month, between the alpha and beta readers, the commercial rights protection for the illustration, the Steam fee of $100 USD per game, extra, etc. (you need to pay each time you add a module, and our game has several)...so I'm always actively seeking funding. We tried to join with another project (Samurai Coop) who also builds on Ark and will very soon be an active part of the ecosystem to make a delegate (United Delegate), but we couldn't get the delegate to forge.

Update: The crowdfunding managed to help get the writing done, and to pay for basic revisions; now we're entering the advanced stage. I want to express my gratitude to those who are waiting for their goods from the campaign, as soon as the story is finished, you will receive what you have applied for. Our "Thank You" section is still being done, I was away first part of this month, I'm going to boost that now that I've come back).

Update 2: I want to thank the people donating to Ark Tribe to support the project, I really appreciate it, and we will not forget you when we launch.

What's up with the website?

So our website is really behind schedule, and we know it. It doesn't look very professional, but it's been paid for until next year, and the problem lies mainly in the fact that we don't seem to work around that template and the possibilities that Webnode gives us to modify it very well (we can't change the template easily). And the information isn't well-organized. We have a lot on Google Docs, and in the team's channels, and in the team members' heads too, but we don't have yet something on the website. We're looking for someone to do that, as the person we have hired for it is more on the "filling it with the infos" side for now.

What about Ark? (Very important)

Ark is obviously a very big component of Ark Tribe (hence the name) so atop of showcasing the blockchain's usage in game, we're also going to put its logo just about everywhere. The ACF funded for €6000 (€1000 left to fund) the prototype's construction, so we'll give it a place on the splash screen along with ArkStickers.com who has made a donation for a partnership.

We'll showcase the delegates that have donated for our crowdfunding in the game at top of delegates lists, and soon after the launch, we'll give to all delegates a way to get voted in with the player's arks by creating packages (i.e cosmetic items) for the game as to avoid unfairness and give everyone a chance. Items will only be available if you vote for a given delegate.

If you have more ideas, we're open to it. Come to our Discord and discuss them with us, or contact us via Email.