Ark Crowdfunding Campaign (CLOSED)

Kingdom of Fujiwe - Book

Greetings Everyone,

As owner of a few Ark Projects (for those who are on slack, I'm DjennyFloro) I come here to present you with one of them.

Kingdom of Fujiwe - the book.

As some of you may know, we're doing a visual novel game, which will use Ark as its anti-piracy system. This visual novel's name will be Kingdom Of Fujiwe.

We're working currently on the novel that will set the canon story of this visual novel, and came up with an idea to have the funds for the novel - thus enabling us to get one step further on the game as well.  That would benefit both our project and Ark.

In exchange for funds (I'll explain the perk plan further down), we'd put on the very first page after the cover the Ark Logo, Ark's link, and a short, digestible Ark introduction for the readers, to preface the book.

Since the novel will be in ebook format and distributed for free to raise awareness for the visual novel, and that it will be put on Inkitt & Wattpad, this will not just spread the word about our game, but also about Ark.

Here would be the perks for this CrarkFunding:

T1: 1 Ark = your name/pseudo on the "thank you" section of the book (and game when it's out) + ebook sent to you by mail.

T2: 5 ark = postal card with both author's dedication, and the 1 ark reward. If you prefer an online version, then a reduction coupon on the game redeemable by you or anyone of your wish will be issued.

T3: 15 Ark = mug with the one of the books asset (map or drawing, as you prefer). If you prefer an online version, then a free key for the game can be issued to you or anyone of your liking!

T4: 20 Ark > let's talk about the perk you would want, + 1 ark reward.

We have a few goals:

=> 100 Ark will allow us to have a pro proofreader (done)

An editor from the community, Michaias, joined the project! 
Thank you so much!

=> 400 Ark will allow us to pay a co-author to make sure the style & scenes are perfect, thus ensuring best quality work.

100% Reached! Thank you, everyone, for supporting us!

=> 600 Ark and we have a pro editor and pro proofreader polish the finishing touches of the work!

100% reached! Thank you, everyone, for supporting us!

=> 1000 Ark and we can have the work translated too.

67.49% reached! Thank you, everyone, for supporting us!

For every 400 Ark above 1000 Ark, we can add a language and arts.

This should prove sufficiently different from a mere donation, so as not to be considered begging, and with this proposal both Ark and our projects can benefit.

To fund the project, send Ark to this address: AKCLHfBH3MdcKAwEfw6A4jwsiCKKyEJtNa 

In order for us to discuss how to send the reward/perk, and to know who to put in the 'thank you' section, please put this on the smartbridge:

KOF - Slack:Nickname or Reddit:Nickname

if you'd like your donation to go to more art & after we have reached at least 600 Ark, put KOFART instead of KOF. If you'd prefer an online reward rather than physical one put KOF/KOFART (online) as we understand not everybody would like to give their address.

Follow the project in this Google Doc (to make sure that we are working on it!)

Find out more about the game and Ark Tribe in this Doc:

Bear in mind that the texts you see there are not the final release, some are in alpha, most in beta writing phase. They are not styled up yet, nor proofread, this folder serves as a proof we're adding/writing the book, and to see how it's coming along as well as the art!


This campaign will soon be over. For those who want to enter it, and get the prizes, you can find the Ark Address and details on the Reddit post or on the website. I would like to announce that we'll be giving a bonus of 1:2 ATT (Ark Tribe Token) on our coming ICO to all of those who have donated prior to this post. For those who will donate after, it, and before the closure date 15/05/2018 a bonus of 1:1 will be offered.

The special perk week-end has ended.