Community Centers

A cooperative concept 

Ark Tribe is therefore less in competition than in cooperation. Because of its uniqueness, that of physical recreation centers, Ark Tribe will be able to offer other video game publishers a distribution partnership.

If it is not likely that the bigger ones will join the system, at least not at the beginning, the studios and the independent ones, will be presented to them numerous advantages such as the access to MindGame, to improve their games, or the distribution and promotion of their game in our centers.

In territories where Vision Future Media (be the franchise, or the centers directly managed by Ark Tribe) organize with the Marie, the local associations, and the House of Youth, as well as the center of reception and leisure will be a priority. It is through these actions that the centers will be able to make themselves known.

This type of advertising will be more firmly anchored in the everyday life of the citizens of the settlement area than ads that are very impersonal. Thus, they will learn to know and respect the staff, which in turn will gain in safety, reputation and attendance. A typical implementation study should therefore include a panorama of the different actors in place, and proposals for collaboration or partnership with local or regional authorities, depending on the scope of the center to be built or opened.

The digital galleries & libraries 

Not everyone has the opportunity to go to an exhibition or a specific event, and often you can not attend a concert or an exhibition because it takes place in a city where there is no access, or no means to surrender.

The digital galleries allow to get out of this model, an exhibition will take place at the same time in the place of the physical exhibition, but also everywhere in the Future Media Vision network. The 3D display, and later the holography, will allow you to see a concert even if you are miles away from where it is held, and the exhibitions held in the capital could thus be shown everywhere in France.

It would be possible to work with museums and galleries, and bring their exhibitions to all corners of the country, then, when Ark Tribe will expand internationally, in all countries where there are centers Ark Tribe . The museums will thus be able to receive more visits and receive more funds for their mission.

It would be the same for artists in concert, on national tours, for cities that are not served, and for people who can not get to the concert hall, because the box office is sold, there would be option to go live the concert in a room Vision Future Media.

The Academy of Professional Arts 

Finally, to complete the offer of the Ark Tribe Cooperative, the opening of an academy designed to train the techniques of digital media oriented writing professions such as the eBook, but also audio-book and radio -book, video game, and digital broadcasting such as YouTube, will train professionals and create networks that will benefit Ark Tribe as well as those trained.

It will be, during a deposit of application file, to choose the most suitable modules for the student. If it turns out that he is not qualified, or does not have the basic skills required to do a profession of professional art, direct him, if he wishes, to training courses for more job opportunities. vast and related to the training he had asked to stay closer to his interests.

A trade such as Commercial Arts Professionals teaching techniques of internet sales can be used as an independent not only for Professional Arts, but also for many companies with an internet sales portal, allowing access to the Internet. employment in sectors other than art.

And there are the trades we miss on French territory, Agent Littéraire for example. Trained as Artistic Agents, they will have a commercial training, with specialized modules in different Arts, so that they can use their training not only in the context of literature or the arts, but in commerce more generally .

Other types of related training will be provided. These trainings will be designed to be qualified, and to support the network of trained people, but also to give them the opportunity to work on more traditional trades, so as not to force them to a complete reconversion if they do not find any employment in the branch they have chosen.