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Mass Economic Ecosystem Mechanism (MEEM) 

The MEEM is an operating model of the game where the action of each player changes the state of the game permanently and sustainably. When a game is based on this model, a player may visit the same place indefinitely without ever, with a few unlikely exceptions, find themselves in the same situation twice.

Take the example of weapons in a game where it is possible to have them by killing monsters, making them, or buying them in the shop. At the opening of the game, the shops will have only the weapons of their basic inventory. The adventurers, at this point will all have the same thing and the experience will be similar.

But then they will go for quests, they will collect materials, some will sell in the raw material shops, and others will keep to make weapons. They will have weapons and armor, some will equip, and others will resell. And they will make weapons and armor to sell them or to equip themselves.

 From then on, the game is not the same for everyone. Depending on what everyone has done, the shops will find the swords that were on the monsters, or were created, new raw materials, rare or not, and weapons of all shapes, magical or not. 

One would think that one is in a multiplayer game, but no. With the blockchain for base, which records all these player transactions, the game will only keep blockchain transactions from the region of the game you are in and fill the store's inventory accordingly.

 The same goes for quests, resources, we can build games that react to the actions of other players, and we get a much more dynamic game. Then we get not only a diversification, but also a natural dispersion of the game (we evoked the weapons, armor, and resources, but all the objects of the game will thus spread throughout the game) that make the immersion much more intense.

 An MMO (Online Multiplayer Massive) game will benefit all the more from this system as players will not interact passively with each other, but actively, trading directly with each other, grouping and creating guilds. For these games, interoperable channels will take care of the various aspects of the game.

We thus create a decentralized game, which at a time when the DDOS attacks and other cybercrime actions are massively targeting the world of video games, and more particularly that online e games, makes the game more autonomous, and allows Ark Tribe to reduce the attack surface and the impact of these attacks on his players.

MEEM is equally usable for Digital Goods, and its use can range from dispersion of unique writings amongst the Vision Future Media to spread the goods that people want to sell that belongs to them. As such, we can spread "unique edition of ebook" that thanks to the MEEM can be really unique, and can be sold as collectible.

Of course, that also mean that we can use this to create online collectible, or creative items that don't have equivalent anywhere else in the world, but also verify that something is genuine or owned by a specific person. As such the MEEM is a patented complex system, that will give Ark Tribe a concurential advantage that it can use to take a lead in the market.

Shared Artificial Intelligence 

As mentioned above, integrating the blockchain as a base for a game allows, among other things, players to share their gaming experience and interact even when they are in single player mode. The MEEM therefore gives a greater depth to the game, and allows a greater immersion.

But it only partially meets the demand of the players. By this process we make the universe more attractive, but it still remains to solve the problem of interaction with the universe. At this point our players are more interested in the game, but if it is too hard or too easy to play (Ni no Kuni II is a very popular game, but his strongest critics are about being too easy), so our players are not satisfied.

 Blockchain Gamer has spent many hours over its two years of existence looking into current games which ones have the best solution. But it is the opening of the world of artificial intelligence and its processes that has most caught our attention.

What do we expect from AI that we will not get adaptive scripts today? 

To get to know the player, to recognize his strengths and his weaknesses, then to direct the enemies so that they always pose a satisfactory difficulty to the player without either pushing him to stop the game because he does not can not progress anymore. And if the player fails to recognize his request to weaken the opponent. 

We no longer get "scripted" fights where we learn a precise mechanics, and where we fight with a precise method, but a reactive combat where each part does with its strengths and its weaknesses, and where the enemy adapts to the reaction time and the abilities of the players he has in front of him.

 From AI we expect two things in terms of leisure, games that adapt to what we want to do (we can choose to ask the AI to do the fighting for us, or to to be easy, or to optimize the difficulty) and that will give a "living" dimension to the characters we meet in the game

In MMO games, two AIs can cooperate. One will be responsible for adapting enemies and NPCs (Non-Player Characters) to raids (a raid usually includes several groups of players from the same guild), groups, or individuals in the presence of the NPC; while the other will help the moderation of the game. 

In most online games, farmers, individuals who use scripts to pick up resources in bulk, are a disruptive problem for universes and players. This second AI can learn to discern players, and report to a member of the support dedicated to resolving disruptive behaviour

These behaviors are not only those that threaten the virtual economy of the game, but also those that threaten the very life of the player. It will teach AI, as far as possible to detect conversations about suicide, racism, or discrimination, to help prevent these "games off the table" where launches challenges that push children just into adolescence to commit suicide.

Player safety should not be overlooked, and while it is not the publisher's legal responsibility to monitor children connecting to his or her game, it is his or her moral responsibility and reputation. to ensure that these abuses of the online chat system are severely punished, and not tolerated.

 What is "shared" in Shared Artificial Intelligence? 

This is to use an AI for all Ark Tribe games. Whether for single player, multiplayer, or massively multiplayer players, so that artificial intelligence is refined and continuously learning all forms of games, improving its response to the ability to react to players' actions for each new title of the franchise.

Are we meeting all the expectations of the players now?

 With MEEM and AI we only answer two of the three requests of the players today. That of deeper immersion, and that of greater flexibility of the game, allowing everyone to navigate. We do not respond with these two elements to the demand for cultural recognition of video games and the demand for socialization of players. In addition, the MEEM alone does not completely ensure the total immersion of the player, it remains a tool today available to us that we have not reviewed. 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality 

Emerging but growing technology, the virtual reality of which the helmets are just starting to sell (you will find attached to this document a market study that shows that they are very marginal) but makes rapid progress and allows a total immersion in the world. The game world. Its close cousin, however different in nature, Augmented Reality is already used in gaming applications, such as Pokémon Go.

Blockchain Gamer has identified these two technologies as key points for making video games that meet the social and immersive needs of gamers. Although we have had people working in this field who have come to Blockchain Gamer occasionally, we have not been able to do a thorough discussion of the technical part.

 Players expect an MMO game via headphones (Virtual Reality, to isolate for sound too) or glasses / lenses for Augmented Reality, in order to play interact with other players in the game, or this one would be a social platform as much as a game

The idea of cultural centers where we can meet, exchange cards of the game, and group to go to do quests, was received very positively. The creation of such centers would, without a doubt, be a great advantage for an MMO game that would win a growing adoption.

This demand for community centers has attracted the attention of Ark Tribe Group. After much discussion, we concluded that a virtual and augmented reality center would not require large space, and could be a physical gathering place to play an MMO that would be national, then international, with competitions that allow players to challenge themselves and receive rewards.

If this section is not as provided as the others, it is because we have identified that it will be necessary to ask for a specialized study, done by professionals, which we do not have in the team, and to develop this concept until to be ripe. But we at least laid the foundation for the reflection of the study