A Cultural Economic Model Revisited

Assets for Ark Tribe Studio 

Ark Tribe Studio will have to stand out and play finely to fit into a market where GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) invests more and more but is not intended to create video game studios, press, or writers.

This is why it is obviously not possible, nor desirable, to compete on their field. That's why these recreation centers, which we will call Vision Future Media, will need something that GAFA does not aspire to.

This something is a flagship MMO game that will be the center of Vision Future Media. For now, the game will be called "Fantasy Quest", and we are still doing the draft and design. At first, Ark Tribe will distinguish itself by the MEEM, then by its community centers, and finally, by GameMind, shared artificial intelligence.

A transition will be made to Ark Tribe's final business model when Fantasy Quest matures. This Massively Multiplayer Online Game will benefit both from GameMind, and the MEEM, will be virtual reality, and you can play it both at home, with a headset and a controller (another device may have made its appearance by then) and in Vision Fantasy Quest centers in its augmented reality version, in gaming rooms for group play.

 At term; the generic idea is to create competitions at the departmental, regional, and national levels, so as to create a sustainable phenomenon and perpetuate the presence of the game on the territory. The Visions Fantasy Quest centers will be integrated into the social centers, which will have served as a local anchor thanks to their animation.

Investments and research partnerships 

If in the early days of Ark Tribe, the investments to be made will be mainly staff-related in the long term, these investments will go in search of partnerships in the fields of AI and virtual reality. These will consolidate and refine the internal research on MindGame, the AI of the game, and the programming of the game engine Fantasy Quest.

Today, if we know what team we will take for the game engine Fantasy Quest, we are thinking about the composition of an internal team for GameMind who would ensure the link with providers and partners, to carry out this project, which is both ambitious and necessary to stand out from the market with an original approach to video games.

In the medium term, investments will be made in the "Vision Future Media" network by shoring up the supply of video games, books, music, illustrations, paintings, and other visual mediums to make them available in Vision centers. Future Media.

Partnerships with press houses and magazines will also be formed, expanding Vision Future Media's offer to its members. In addition to these professional articles, members of the community will be able to issue articles, deposit books or stories they have written, and a community voting system will be put in place for them to monetize these contents.

This aspect of monetizing community resources will be one of the attractions of community centers. From the perspective of egalitarian social policy, this aspect will be reinforced and encouraged in the most sensitive neighborhoods. With the consent of their parents, teens over sixteen will have the opportunity to offer content, which will be submitted in the same way as the other to the general voting system of Visions Future Media centers.

In order to integrate into the local landscape of the district or the city of implantation, Vision Future Media will be able to lend its premises to associations. It would be a question of letting the social associations use the parts of the premises that are not used, and to reserve them evenings so that they can propose the different activities of the center to their members and to the people who frequent them.

Talking with the town halls to see if the center can contribute to the social actions they have planned will be another way to promote the center, while improving the living environment of the citizens of their city will be a passive investment in the promotion of Vision Future media centers

In the short term, investments will be in the creation of games to be put on Steam (distribution platform), which will be used to create the game engine Ark Tribe on which Fantasy Quest can rely, and on a local for the hiring of the team of developers on the Lyon basin

The creative and developer of the Ark Tribe community are enough to carry out the prototype for the investors and partners of Ark Tribe, but they can not ensure the creation of the game in its final form. The company Ark Tribe will be based in France, in Lyon, and this is where the recruitment will be for the technical team.

The usefulness of the blockchain 

The blockchain will not only be used because it reduces server infrastructure costs, but also because it frees up many of today's cybercrime problems and provides a way to provide transparency. to all Ark Tribe partners, from franchises to investors.

The first point of safety concerns Ark Tribe's attack surface. As you can see in the AFJV studies, cyber attacks are more and more about video games.

They are becoming more sophisticated, and the damage caused when these attacks manage to recover the financial data of players are both financial for them and reputation for the publisher of the game.

The blockchain answers this problem in two ways. 

The first is his level of security. It is much less easy, and much more expensive to attack a blockchain, which by its decentralized nature is distributed on scattered servers that would have to compromise more than half to make an attack, than to attack a data center that has only one entry point to cross.

The second is that Ark Tribe will not need any bank details, personal information, or sensitive information that an attacker could steal from his servers. The blockchain uses a set of a private key and a public address.

To simplify the understanding of this system, we must think that a blockchain address is like a bank account. The player has a private key that he will never have to give, which is used to authorize the expense of his address to another. And the public address, which is the equivalent of your bank account number. 

You can post your public address on any forum in the world, without the private key, all we can do is credit it. When to the private key, it looks like this: 5HpHagT65TZzG1PH3CSu63k8DbpvD8s5ip4nEB3kEuEZZRcgSqb. It is impossible to calculate it from the public key, and it is unique to your account. In fact, the player account can not be stolen, and their assets in the game can not be compromised.

 In terms of transparency, the blockchain can not be altered, and all the transactions that are written there remain from the original block of the first transaction, called Genesis Block, to the very last transaction. Audits are easy and clear. A blockchain specific to financial transactions between Ark Tribe and its customers will therefore be established. The Ark Tribe Token token will be usable for all games, services, or the Ark Tribe brand. It will be easy to know what are the real revenues of Ark Tribe.

Finally, the last blockchain property that Ark Tribe will benefit from is the irreversibility of the transactions. Once the transaction is completed, it can not be canceled. It will be necessary to rule on clear terms of repayment, based on the laws of the current trade, but by this finality, and by the near impossibility of stealing an account, it will be easy, in case of conflict, to prove the good faith of Ark Tribe. 

The author's craft revisited 

If it is common to talk about a career and the craft of writing abroad, to see them belly their name of author as a trade mark, in France, one is still in the image of the author frequenting cafes writing here and there, dilettante. He would not think of treating writing as a profession. And yet, there are writing techniques, skills, and more knowledge to have to practice decently this job.

In the digital age, mass broadcasting, and the Internet, the book industry is in decline, it is struggling to reforge itself, and although it offers the eBook, it has not not today the attraction that books had of yesteryear. Yet we have all the assets in hand to create a new form of book industry, or publish is no longer to risk a new author, but to hire a new author who will be trained and who will go refine.

Indeed, today we operate on copyright, and these rates on which the authors cling and indignant1 are not the horse on which they should bet. If we want a profession to be recognized, we must reform and, above all, we must train. Professional writers, with techniques, with a learning curve, that's what we think we are the author of tomorrow. Employee on the model of a commercial, with a fixed salary, and a percentage of sales.

What actions should be taken?

You have to hire an author who will be trained through what is called participatory writing. The new author will be hired on the basis of a first writing. He will be judged on the potential of the universe and history to judge the creativity of the future author. An assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the author will lead us to choose his trainings, during which he will be the assistant of a senior author who has already published for Ark Tribe.

Training in French, for spelling and grammar, and training in English for internet research to expand the possibilities of sources of the author; but also training in writing techniques. Others may be added, and it is possible to create a university professorship, but this remains a debate today.

 The author, during his training, will write articles and documentaries that will feed the Vision Media Future network, going directly into the voting system. This will contribute to his reputation, and allow him to have an additional income. SCOP's business model is  s particularly suited to this type of project, as seen later in this paper.

After this period of initial training, the author will do participatory writing. That is, his future readers will participate in the writing of his book through open discussion channels specifically for this purpose. Drawing on the community resources of SCOP, the multitude of users, and the diversity of its ecosystem, Ark Tribe can find an audience for its author.

The campaign effort for the books of these young authors will not be advertising, but in the issue of bonuses that its members will receive to participate in writing the book, and receive a free electronic copy. In this way, the book will reflect what readers expect, and find an audience from the start. This eliminates the risks associated with new authors, and trains an employee in the authorship.