Ark Tribe is the brainchild of a think-tank called Blockchain Gamers, from the cryptocurrency community, which aimed to find innovative uses of blockchain in video games, and to see if there was a need or use that could meet the needs or demands of the video game ecosystem.

When the Ark Tribe community project arrived, its video game-centric direction gave way to a reflection and a project that focused on a broader spectrum, that is to say, that of the arts and digital works.  This included video games with books, press, illustrations, and music in their digitized form. 

This broad perspective has allowed Ark Tribe to begin a reflection on tomorrow's digital media, to propose the project Ark Tribe Studio.


The MEEM is a proposed operating model of a video game, where the actions of each player change the state of the game permanently and sustainably. When a game is based on this model, a player may visit the same place indefinitely without ever, with a few unlikely exceptions, finding themselves in the same situation twice.


Ark Tribe is developing MindGame, an AI that has the ability to react to players' actions to adapt each enemy to the faculties of the player, group, or guild, for an optimized and non-blocking difficulty level.


Ark Tribe aims to create community centers, housing a library of books, magazines, games, and other fully digital media, accessible to all.  Also, from home and outside opening hours, game rooms for consoles, and spaces for virtual and augmented reality, to be able to play the latest titles in vogue on the market!